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FAO twilightgryphon

You said in one of your recent posts on your LJ you were drinking Cinnamon Apple tea...can I ask where you got that? I sounds GORGEOUS!!

Turkish Apple Tea

This by far has to be one of my favourite teas!
I had read about it online alot and really wanted to try it out for myself but it wasn't until I moved to Glasgow I got the opportunity to do so. Myself and enerjak  went on an epic journey of discovery on my birthday (ok we got the underground to Kelvingrove) to find this mythical drink.

We wound up buying a box each and its a good job we did as we have been storming through them! 
Its a sweet drink but its got a very zingy kick to it which is fantastic for 'WAKE UP YOU'RE LATE FOR XXX ' but also a really good chilling out tea. I find I am preferring it to English Breakfast Tea in this hot weather Scotland seems to be going through at long last.
But what I really like about this tea is that you can drink it cold or as it is cooling.
There is one thing I have problems with when it comes to hot drinks (I think it is just me though) is that as soon as it starts to cool down I lose interests and the flavour is 'damaged' for me. I just cannot find the same enjoyment in it as it were boiling hot. 

Its also a tea you don't really need to add anything to, sugar is optional and I have been known to add a teaspoon depending how much of a sugar kick I need!
I think it would make a fantastic iced tea, I am yet to try this but as soon as I do I will let you all know!

I cannot recommend this tea enough, its tasty good fun and not overly expensive, a 250g box has lasted us a good while, one teaspoon of the mixture fills a standard mug/teacup.

This is the cheapest I have found it online but please feel free to shop around and let us know if you try alternatives/find it cheaper!

Off to make myself a cup now <3

Free tea ♥

Awesome idea for a community tbh! :D I thought I'd share some links I found recently for free samples of Twinings tea xx

2 x speciality tea
2 x herbal tea


 It really is amazing what the deadly combination of sunny day + boredom can create!

I was looking up tea loving communities here on LJ and 95% of them are Russian and the rest are dead! So I was thinking 'why the hell not!' 

I guess the purpose of this place is to promote tea you enjoy, give mini reviews, advise of bargins, arrange tea swaps etc. I would love for this community to flourish into something big and fun but as long as its keeping people happy then I am happy too!

Today calls for Turkish Apple Tea, its really refreshing and its one of the teas you can drink even when it gets cold!

Go make yourself a cuppa, you have earned it <3


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